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Welcome to SynErgy Living.  Here you will find various forms of inspirations to help you on your journey to being the best vision and version of yourself.   


Please feel free to share with others.

In Joy, Enjoy!
​Rev. Saundra


Music is a great way to promote Whole Person Healing.  Different sounds. tones and words can awaken cells, molecules, and other natural energy systems within the body and within the body's energy field.  

On Line Events

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FaceBook Online Performance Piece


Welcome to this FaceBook Live Performance Piece. It is an honor to create Sacred Space and offer this LIVE experience with my dear friend, Kin, and poet, Raychelle Heath.

Music, singing in particular, runs deep and wide in my veins and Life Tapestry. As a singer/songwriter, I am always grateful when Opportunity stops by and whispers in my ear a new melody to explore, experience, and share. This is one of those Opportunities

Voices of Grief and Transformation

Saturday, July 4

12noon CST, 2p EST, 11a PST



Raychelle Heath: Poet

Saundra Porter Thomas: Singer, Energy Healer, Minister

Our current climate has thrown a host of life experiences at us. Some have brought us to moments of revelation, but all too many have brought us to places of grief and mourning.

This Facebook Live performance piece will make space for the grief to breathe and move through the reality of loss to come to a place of hope, transformation, and peace.  


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