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SynErgy Wellness

Deep Dive Mindful Integrative Retreat

Where mind, heart, body, and Soul

come together to create inner balance, harmony, and Peace

for Whole Life Living.

Meditation by the Sea

Welcome to SynErgy Wellness Deep Dive Mindful Integrative Retreat. 

Here you can nourish and nurture your Soul through good food, good rest, and good conversations. 

SynErgy Wellness Deep Dive Integrative Mindful Retreat is for individuals who desire to spend more time working on and through specific topics or issues. Together, we will dive deeper into specific areas of life while working in a retreat and respite space that will aid in maximizing your growth and expansion. 

Be nourished, nurtured, and restored

through mindful eating, intentional rest, and expanding conversations. 

Retreat - meaning

Respite - meaning

Green Goodness
  • Option 1- Day Experience- 4 hours -  Silent Retreat & Respite and 1 Deep Dive Integrative Experience

  • Option 2 - Day Experience - 8 Hours -
    Silent Retreat & Respite and 2 Deep Dive Integrative Experience

  • Option 3 - Overnight - 2-6 nights
    Silent retreat and customized area-specific Deep Dive Integrative Experience

Please contact me to schedule your Deep Dive Mindful Integrative Retreat Experience.

Retreat - meaning

Respite - meaning

Hammock Relaxing

Growing Self can be a lot of work. Sometimes we need to take a break to allow all we are experiencing, growing through, and shedding to consciously and mindfully integrate into our Minds, Bodies, Hearts, and Souls. 


Sometimes we need to retreat to a space that is safe, sacred, confidential. Where deep wounds can breathe as your healing process continues.


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