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Loving your Whole Self....

Loving your Whole Self, inside and out, takes courage, a brave heart, gentleness, compassion, consistent work, time, determination, practice, and much grace for yourself.  It is also important to have a safe and confidential support space where you can share your life, stories, and just breathe.  

SynErgy Wellness is this space.

What is SynErgy and SynErgy Wellness?
The word Synergy comes from the Greek words sunergia–cooperation and sunergos–working together. When two or more people, organizations, or in this case, healing energy systems, combine their efforts, more can be accomplished together than can be done separately.

Life Support for Whole Life Living:

Healing Energy Therapy; Next Level UP! Life Coaching; Mindfulness Practices; Life-cycle Celebrations & Rituals; Intuitive Messaging; and more - All blend together SynErgistically to create optimum harmony and balance of Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit. 

This is SynErgy Wellness.


SynErgy Wellness is a safe collaborative process and space where you can take a moment or several and just breathe in and out more of whatever you need to fully Love Your Whole Self. 


It is a heart-centered client-focused relationship between you and me, your SynErgy Wellness Practitioner. ​Together, we will look at challenges and successes in your life. Then, we will create what I call Response-able goals, plans of action, and strategies that are attainable and Livable. The Response-able process will help you to live more fully in the present as you continue positive forward movement into the best vision and version of yourself.

Saundra does amazing work with her Healing Touch [Healing Energy Therapy]. She explains what's going on with great clarity and soothing calmness. She also follows up with you after a session. One of my favorite ladies!!! "  ​L. R.

" Saundra's therapy session was amazing. She is a great person and me and my baby felt great with her. " S. F.

As your SynErgy Wellness Practitioner, I will provide:
  • Unconditional support to you beginning right where you are.
  •  Intentional attention to the delicate and sometimes difficult parts you will walk through AND we will walk through them together.
  • Unconditional encouragement. I will be your biggest cheerleader and fan along your journey. 
  • Unconditional non-judgmental loving feedback.
  • Safe, Sacred, and Confidential environments for the deeper inner work you will do. 
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My presence walking with you is to simply be a loving supportive witness and a gentle reminder of who you are, where you have been, where you are now, and who and where you'd like to be in the future.
I welcome our time together.  Rev.Saundra                                                        

Life Support for Whole Life Living


Healing Touch

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Stone Energy


Chakra Balance

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One-on-one Coaching


Small Group


Unions & Commitments

Flowers Candles Funeral

Transitions & Memorials

Wedding Rings
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Blessings, Welcoming, & Naming

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards 2.jpg

Oracle Readings

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Accessing Your CORE

Disclaimer: All SynErgy Wellness Services are complementary to conventional medical or therapeutic treatments. I do not diagnose or treat disease, as I am not a physician. SynErgy sessions are not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from other qualified health care practitioners for illnesses, injuries, or other mental or medical conditions. Please continue to follow the instructions and therapies prescribed or directed to you by your health care provider.  
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