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About Rev. Saundra

Rev. Saundra Porter Thomas is a SynErgy Wellness Practitioner, Interfaith-Interspiritual Minister, Next Level UP! Life Coach, Empowerment Facilitator, Intuitive Messenger, Singer/Songwriter, and StoryWeaver. She has worked with children and adults from various backgrounds and life experiences.

Her Life Mission and Commitments are -

  • To curate safe, sacred, and confidential environments [in-person and virtual] where individuals can explore and celebrate their unique Authentic Self.

  • To engage, encourage, empower, and support individuals through Heart-Centered transformative techniques and Love to live the best vision and version of themselves and their Life.

  • To share Light and Love with all sentient beings.


For more than 30 years, Rev. Saundra has been curating and facilitating Sacred Spaces in person and virtually to assist individuals in their self-discovery and life transformation. She is a Life Learner and has gained knowledge and wisdom from teachers, mentors, and students.  Her life practice is a synergistic blend of what she has learned and what she knows to be her Truth.


Rev. Saundra is currently based in North Carolina as a Wellness Companion to her oldest brother.  She provides energetic, emotional, and spiritual support services to her community.

Learn more about Rev. Saundra's work at Life Support Services.  

Connect with Rev. Saundra for your FREE consultation.

*All in-person services are conducted with mindful safety protocols.

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