Life Coaching & Guidance 

"Coaching and Guidance is a very precious opportunity for those who are ready to go deeper into themselves to explore, uncover, recover and re-member

who you are at your CORE."  Rev. Saundra 

There are no secrets to living a successful life. There are, however, tips and techniques, that when Tried and Applied (TA) consistently, will heighten your ability to respond to your desires and harvest a higher and more accurate yield of purpose, happiness, success, and even Joy! No tricks. No gimmicks. Just plain honest one-on-one Deep Dive work designed to engage, encourage and empower you to be the Best and Highest vision and version of your Self.

The Work we do together will be life-changing and CORE re-enforcing. 

Sometimes the work will be challenging and you will experience deeply.  Sometimes we will go deep in order to release "root" causes that in turn will create positive forward movement.  But all the time you will reveal new strengths, embrace renewed life, discover your "superpower", and create a clearer picture of - 

  • what you want or don't want; 

  • who you are or whom you'd like to become;

  • and how you will achieve your goals  

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