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Next Level UP! Life Coaching 

Personal ~ Spiritual ~ Professional

Life Development & Guidance

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One-on-one Coaching


Small Group

"Coaching and Guidance is a very precious opportunity for those who are ready to go deeper into themselves to explore, uncover, recover and re-member

who you are at your CORE."  Rev. Saundra 

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Along our Life journey, we all need a little space to release, regroup, and reimagine our lives as we transform.  This is what happens in Next Level UP! Life Coaching sessions.  Each gentle, client-driven, heart-centered session is uniquely designed by you. 

There are no secrets to living a successful life. There are, however, tips, techniques, and practices that when Tried and Applied (TA) consistently, will increase your ability to respond to your desires and harvest a higher and more accurate yield of purpose, happiness, success, and even Joy! No tricks. No gimmicks. Just plain honest Deep Dive work designed to engage, encourage and empower you to be the Best and Highest vision and version of your Self.

Our Work together will be challenging at times and you will experience major and subtle shifts on many levels. Sometimes we will go deep in order to see the "root" causes and create long-lasting sustainable transformation. The deeper work will open up the opportunity for positive forward movement where you will embrace new strengths, renewed life, discover your "superpower", and create a clearer picture of: 

  • what you want or don't want; 

  • who you are or whom you'd like to become;

  • And how you will achieve sustainable transformation. 

Sustainable transformation takes place at your CORE; in your cells and molecules; in your muscles and joints; in your mind and heart; in your conscious and unconscious. The Work we do together will be life-changing, CORE fortifying, and conscious awaking as you Live Forward into the Best and Highest vision and version of yourself.

As your Next Level UP! Life Coach and Practitioner, I will provide:
  • Unconditional support to you beginning right where you are.
  • Safe, Sacred, and Confidential environments for the deeper inner work you/we will do. 
  •  Intentional attention to the delicate and sometimes difficult parts you will walk through as we will walk through them together.
  • Unconditional encouragement. I will be your biggest cheerleader and fan along your journey. 
  • Unconditional non-judgmental loving feedback.
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