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Life Cycle Celebrations & Rituals

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Our beliefs play a strong and very important role in the Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit connection of our well being. 
As an ordained Interfaith-Interspirtual Minister, it is an honor and a privilege to assist "Kin" of all faiths, non-beliefs, beliefs, and backgrounds from all walks in life on your Life Cycle Journey.  Rev. Saundra
Life Cycle Celebrations & Rituals is one of the four pillars of SynErgy Wellness Services. 
There are as many beliefs, customs, and rituals as there are people in our communities and in our world.  We celebrate milestones and life events in various ways.  Some life celebrations are filled with joy. Others are filled with sorrow.  All create space for new personal and spiritual growth. This is the way of the Cycle of Life. 
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  • Personal & Spiritual Growth -

    • Rites of Passages

    • Affirmative Prayer

    • Meditations

    • Spiritual Counseling

  • Union & Commitment Ceremony - 
    • Religious and non-religious 
      • Coupling, Weddings, Handfasting, Civil Unions

      • Vow/Commitment Renewal

  • Disunion Ceremony- 

    • Un-Coupling, Disjoin, Divorce

By honoring the beliefs, customs, and rituals in our lives, in meaningful ways, touch-stones are created that help us to grow, deepen, and widen connections to ourselves, each other, our communities, and the world.  These touch-stones can empower us to courageously live authentic Whole Lives.

Preparing for

Baby Naming Ceremony

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  • Blessing, Christening & Naming Ceremonies for -
    • Babies, Children, Adults, Animals, Blended Families, 

    • House, Business, Property 

Flowers Candles Funeral
  • Transitions - Animals and People -

    • Funerals, Memorials, Life Celebrations 

    • Grief & Transitional Support

    • Career 

    • Other Life-altering Events

Don't see a category that fits where you are at this time in your life? Please Connect With Me for a free consult. Together, we can design the Celebration, Custom, or Ritual that is meaningful and right for you. 
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