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Life Support Services

For Harmony & Balance


SynErgy Wellness offers safe sacred space and tools to assist you in creating optimum Life Support for the Whole person - Mind, Body, Emotions, Heart, and Spirit. To achieve this, sessions are custom designed for each person based on their Life Support Profile

Choose Life Support Services from 4 areas - Healing Energy Therapy, Life Coaching & Spiritual Guidance, Life Cycle Celebrations & Rituals, and Intuitive Messaging.

  • Healing Touch Energy Therapy

  • Chakra Balance & Alignment

  • Stone Therapy

  • ​Mindful Meditation

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  • Personal

  • Spiritual

  • Professional


Life Development & Guidance

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  • Unions 

  • Dis-unions

  • Blessings 

  • Transitions

  • Personal & Spiritual Development 

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  • Accessing Your Core

  • Inner-Visioning

  • Anthropology of Self

Oracle, Journaling, &

Visual Art  

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