My Story...

As a child, I discovered early that there was more to life than what I could see, hear, taste, feel or smell.  Even though I didn't have words or language for it all, I knew in the deepest part of me I was a part of something bigger and greater.  I could feel Energy all around me. As I learned different names for this Energy, I grew to respect each perspective.


Being a Life Learner, I have grown and evolved to deeper and wider understandings that everything is created and connected through Energy, including you and me.  


SynErgistic wellness means embracing all of life on all levels of living - physical [body, mind, heart], spiritual, emotional, psychological, and archetypal.  As a SynErgist, I use a blend of various gifts and elements of the Divine, my being-ness, and Nature to create a synergistically rich, full, and authentic way of living for my self and others. 

My heart's desire is to always share these synergy-infused gifts and talents with the World.  

Rev. Saundra Porter Thomas

Water Ritual

Photo by LaTanya Johnson

SynErgy Wellness is a culmination of more than 30 years of Saundra's study, practice, and the honing of skills as an Energy Healer, Experiential Empowerment Facilitator, and an Inter-Faith-Inter-Spiritual Minister.  Saundra provides unconditional non-judgemental heart-centered support through synergetic environments and opportunities for children and adults to grow, awaken, heal, and transform.  


"I have the good fortune to design and live life creatively - one encounter and adventure at a time. Each experience is precious to me.  Each encounter and segment of my journey has brought me closer to myself, a deeper awareness of my connection to all beings, and unwavering knowledge and feelings of how I believe we are all connected to everything in this vast Oneness.  SynErgy Wellness is the next step in the evolutionary turn in my personal and spiritual growth and offering.

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