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My Story...

As a child, I discovered early that there was more to life than what I could see, hear, taste, feel, or smell.  Even though I didn't have words or language for it all, I knew in the deepest part of me I was a part of something bigger and greater.  I could feel Energy all around me.  I learned different names for this Energy and I grew to respect each perspective.

Moving through my young adult years, I began to explore the subtleties of Energy, of Life.  While I didn't have a grasp on it all, I knew that "something bigger and greater" was growing inside me and all around me.  Through tries and missteps, I experienced Universal Laws of Beingness. I even felt I was not worthy of the gifts I was discovering within me.  Others could see these gifts and I had glimpses but, for me, the images were like puzzle pieces - I was like puzzle pieces scattered across the board of Life - trying to figure out how all this Life fit and worked and I do mean ALL - the tangible and the intangible.

After many revelations, evolutions, and heart expansions [my mom called them growing pains], I found myself in an emotional flood wondering if I was going to survive.  I encountered an emotional heart expansion that was painful. A pain that challenged my understanding of Unconditional Love.  While my physical being was in good shape and fully intact, my emotional being was wounded and playing out through "The Victim" archetype. What I was feeling was very real, totally legitimate, and I felt "justified." I didn't want to see this emotional pain for what it was - an opportunity to grow. 


So, the Universe called on one of Its best Change Agents - my Mother, Rev. Madeline Holder Porter, to assist me.  Mom listened to several iterations of the stories I was telling myself for several days.  Then one evening, as I rambled in my emotional whirlpool, she asked me one question - "Do you want to be a victim or victorious?" Her voice was very clear and to the point.  For a moment, I could not answer.  At that moment, her question, the tone in her voice, the silence in between her words stopped my emotional whirlpool, and every emotional wave inside me became still.  Then she said, “You are your own success story!”  Inside of that moment, I knew something incredible had happened; a major shift.  I had experienced a major consciousness expansion; a new revelation; a new way of being.  A different way of thinking.  Inside that moment, a new synergetic story seed had been planted!

I Breathe Deep... 

With my Mother's words echoing and rooting in my Soul, I was compelled to turn inward for a better understanding of what her words meant to me and for me. Many days and nights of meditating, questioning, praying, and being silent brought forth a vision of being in and of Sacred Service to myself and the world using all my synergy-infused Gifts.  Today, this vision is birthed as SynErgy Wellness


Being a Life Learner, I am ever-evolving and expanding; growing into something a little more creative and exciting with each evolutionary turn.  I have grown and evolved to a deeper and wider understanding that everything and every one is created and connected through Energy.  I am grateful to live in the Energy of Infinite Possibilities and Universal Expression and Expansion.  I am grateful for the opportunities to share my synergy-infused Gifts as an Interfaith~Interspiritual Minister, Life Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Empowerment Facilitator, and Intuitive Messenger. 


I bow deeply and it is an honor to be on the path I call Home!

Rev. Saundra

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Photo by: Sankofa Photography, Charlotte, NC

Water Ritual


Photo by:

LaTanya Johnson

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