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What is Synergy and SynErgy Wellness?

The SynErgy Wellness process is a gentle and complementary blend of heart-centered Healing Energy Therapies, Coaching & Spiritual Awareness Guidance, Life-cycle Ceremonies and Rituals, and 1-5 days Retreat & Respite space for Deep Diving growing experiences.  It is a holistic approach to health, healing, and wellness. All services are non-invasive on all levels and are 100% client-guided. The purpose of SynErgy Wellness is to help individuals become better aligned with their whole self - body, mind, spirit, and heart - so that whatever needs “healing” can happen synergetically and naturally.
To achieve this, I engage several energy-based models, modalities, and techniques to address the care of the whole person.  The blending of these skills and techniques [synergy] allows me to be a conduit for positive and supportive Energy flow for the Best and Highest Good of each person in all areas. Consultations and SynErgy sessions are safe, sacred, and confidential spaces where deeper inner work and healing can unfold.
As your SynErgy Wellness Practitioner, I will provide:
  • Unconditional support to you beginning right where you are.
  •  Intentional attention to the delicate and sometimes difficult parts you will walk through AND we will walk through them together.
  • Safe, Sacred, and Confidential environments for the deeper inner work you will do. 
My presence, alongside you, is to simply be a loving supportive witness and a gentle reminder of who you are, where you have been, where you are now, and who and where you'd like to be in the future.
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